Installing Wildfly using Chef


To install and run Wildfly on a Node machine.


  • Chef Server
  • Chef Work Station
  • A Node to install and run Wildfly
  • Wildfly Cookbook and dependencies


The dependencies are already downloaded and uploaded to install Apache Tomcat. If you haven’t downloaded, download the same dependencies and upload them to the Chef Server.

How To:

  • After downloading the Wildfly Cookbook and its dependencies, using the following command to upload them to the Chef Server “knife cookbook upload cookbook_name” from Chef Work Station.
  • After you upload, verify the cookbooks in the Server’s GUI.
  • Then, you should add the Wildfly cookbook to the node’s run list. To do this, use the following command from your Chef Work Station “knife node run_list add “recipe[cookbook_name]”” or you can do it from the Chef’s GUI as discussed above.
  • Once this is done, you are ready to install Wildfly on the preferred node.
  • Log into the node machine and use the following command to install and run the Wildfly and its services “sudo chef-client”.
  • After the process is done, that’s it Wildfly is successfully installed.
  • To verify or access the Wildfly, copy the nodes IP address and hit it in the web browser followed by :8080 (PORT). So, your complete URL should look like where xxx will be your IP address.
  • If the Wildfly home page is displayed, you’re done with the installation and the services are up and running.


Thus we have successfully installed wildfly using chef

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