Buliding Static Website Using AWS S3

Buliding Static Website Using AWS S3


This is Document will describe how to host a static website using amazon S3

Terms used in the document

Amazon simple storage service S3

Amazon Route 53

Creating Bucket In AWS


  • Login into the AWS console
  • Navigate S3 service
  • Create a bucket with same name of your Domain name

For example, if you domain is test.com then create a bucket in AWS S3 as test.com

  • In this case we creating bucket as test.omniwyse.co.in
  • Select the bucket, navigate to properties and select to static web hosting


  • The console looks like


  • Select Use this bucket to host a website
  • Upload Index.html for home page
  • Upload error.html as error page (optional)
  • Ensure that everything hosted in this must be permitted to use publicly
  • To achieve this, create a bucket policy
  • Click on permissions tab select bucket policy



  • Paste the following replacing with your own bucket name






“Principal”: “*”,







Create a Second bucket as www.test.omniwyse.co.in

  • Create a second bucket as test.omniwyse.co.in to redirect request from www.test.omniwyse.co.in to test.omniwyse.co.in
  • Select the create bucket and navigate to the properties and go to static web hosting section


  • Select Redirect request tab
  • Enter target bucket as test.omniwyse.co.in (origin bucket)
  • This will redirect the requests from test.omniwyse.co.in to test.omniwyse.co.in
  • Click Save
  • Note the endpoint URLs for both buckets you will notice same output

Linking our static website to our Domain using AWS route 53 service

  • Navigate to Route53 service in aws
  • Create a hosted zone as omniwyse.co.in (replace with your domain name)
  • Copy the NS servers provided by AWS into your Domain Provider if your bought domain from vendors like GoDaddy, Digital ocean
  • Leave as defaults if your domain is registered in AWS
  • Create a record set as test.omniwyse.co.in (replace with your domain name)
  • Select Alias to Yes
  • Enter s3 bucket you have created



Thus we created a static website using AWS S3 and linking it to our Custom domain name

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