Author: manoharkodali

Automation (Mobile) – Calabash, Cucumber, Ruby and Android


It is only possible to test Android applications on Microsoft Windows. Testing iOS apps on Windows is not supported; you must use OS X for that. Windows Phone is not yet supported by Calabash or Xamarin Test Cloud. Calabash requires Ruby 2.0 or higher. Calabash is not supported on Ruby earlier than Ruby 2.0. Xamarin Test Cloud uses Ruby 2.3.1p112. For maximum compatibility with tests run locally and tests run in Test Cloud it is recommended that you use the same version while developing tests.

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Automation (Mobile) – Appium, Java, TestNG and AWS Device Farm for Android and IOS


This blog will help to automate mobile applications on various mobile testing platforms both Android and iOS. Here we are giving brief explanation about how to create mobile automation framework with various tools like Appium, TestNG and programming language Java in AWS Device farm environment for both Android and IOS.

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