Automation (Mobile) – Calabash, Cucumber, Ruby and Android


It is only possible to test Android applications on Microsoft Windows. Testing iOS apps on Windows is not supported; you must use OS X for that. Windows Phone is not yet supported by Calabash or Xamarin Test Cloud. Calabash requires Ruby 2.0 or higher. Calabash is not supported on Ruby earlier than Ruby 2.0. Xamarin Test Cloud uses Ruby 2.3.1p112. For maximum compatibility with tests run locally and tests run in Test Cloud it is recommended that you use the same version while developing tests.

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Terraform With Azure


What is Azure:

Microsoft Azure is the one of the leading public cloud provider in the world as of now it holds 11% of share of the public cloud providers

Terraform with Azure:

Terraform is a google go langauage based automation tool to write infrasturcture as a code to work with different cloud providers like Azure,GCP(Google Cloud Platform),AWS developed by Hashicrop which uses HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language)  syntax

Getting started with Azure using Terraform:

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